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Winnipeg, Manitoba


Peguis First Nation


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Spence Custom Carving

Ojibwe (Peguis First Nation) artist Fredrick Spence will guide participants step-by-step through a 3 - 4 hour soapstone carving workshop. Participants will leave with a fully finished project that guides them through
the sketching, carving and sanding process.
Throughout the workshop, Fred will share about his personal journey, highlighting his struggles and moments of resilience. Fredrick will speak about the importance of the Anishinaabe Seven Sacred Teachings in his art practice, including the use of sacred medicines, such as tobacco and sage.
This workshop will bring participants into the mindset of the carver, who will be encouraged to explore joy, confidence, and mindfulness in the art creation process.
Through this, participants will leave feeling proud and accomplished with their creation and experience a connection to the instructor and the sculpture. The goal of this workshop is to educate and shed light on
the healing properties of art.
Guiding you through the spirit of art.


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