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Borealis Beading

Melanie Gamache is a Manitoba Francophone Métis Artist/Artisan. She started beading to help calm her mind, and it has helped her to dig deeper into her Métis culture and heritage, discovering her connection and responsibility with beading and the environment. Each piece she creates is an expression of gratitude to her ancestors, “The Flower Beadwork People”.
Her passion for beading evolved into her business, Borealis Beading. Borealis Beading has a primary goal of sharing Métis culture and history with beadwork, nature, and food. This is achieved by sharing the history of the Flower Beadwork People and Melanie`s personal experiences growing up in a close-knit francophone Métis family. These stories illustrate the connections that the Métis people have with art, socializing and the earth and how they are all woven together like threads in a sash.


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