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Agowiidiwinan Centre

The Agowiidiwinan Centre, conveniently located at the Forks Market, is a place of learning designed to offer a balanced understanding of the Treaties between the First Nation people and the Crown, including the history of First Nation people, their laws, culture, and customs.
One of the Centre’s key messages is: “We Are All Treaty People,” and the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba hopes that the Centre will help Canadians increase their understanding and appreciation of Treaties and our shared responsibilities as Treaty partners.
The Centre showcases informational displays that approach Treaties chronologically from pre-contact to the development of the relations between First Nations and Europeans in contemporary times.
By visiting the Agowiidiwinan Centre, you'll gain a deeper appreciation of the rich First Nations heritage of Manitoba, and the ongoing process of reconciliation and understanding between First Nations and non-First Nations peoples in Canada. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and grow.
Our building has space for rent that has great natural light and a wonderful central location at The Forks Market. If you require space for your group, event, or corporate gathering we can help! Pricing ranges from $250 for half day with no resources to $550 for a full day with resources. Let us know what you need, and our staff would be happy to assist.


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