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Feast Cafe Bistro

Feast is the first of its kind in Manitoba, a full-service cafe and bistro that highlights all the wonderful ingredients our land has to offer. From wild rice and berries, to beans, squash and of course, bison, our menu has no counterpart in the province or in the country.

Some of menu highlights include Manitoba pickerel sliders, butternut squash bannock pizza, traditional bannock tipi tacos, braised bison ribs, fire-roasted buffalo lasagna and our famous dessert bannocks, made in-house daily!
Our goal is to source as many local products as possible. We use Manitoba wild rice, locally-fished pickerel, Bothwell cheese, Saskatoon berries from a local farmer, our bison is farmed locally, and our coffee is from DeLuca's, our neighbours in the West End, just to name a few.
We aim to keep our dishes full of flavour but accessible to everyone. Whether hosting a formal cocktail event or a young family from the neighbourhood, it is essential that we remain affordable and accessible.
Owner Christa, born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba, Saulteaux Cree French Metis and a proud member of Peguis First Nation has spent over 25 years refining her cooking and gardening skills and expanding her knowledge of First Nation and Metis Indigenous foods.
She is a homecook turned restaurateur whose passion and creativity are woven into the fabric of her restaurant and catering company at Feast Cafe Bistro. Christa is also the Co-Chair of ICAN (Indigenous Culinary Association of Nations) board of directors.
Christa opened Feast with a focus on becoming a pillar in the community. She wants each visitor to experience modern dishes rooted in traditional First Nations and Metis traditional foods while celebrating the spirit of her culture and ancestors. She uses her platform to be a leader in community
lead initiatives.
In the seven years since opening, her recipes have been featured in publications such as Canadian Living and Chatelaine, and has regular appearances on The Marilyn Dennis Show as well as on Food Network Canada.
Our customer base is wide ranging, as with school children, we have also hosted supreme court justices, the Governor General of Canada and several members of parliament as well as renowned Indigenous leaders and members of the art and culture scene.
From our first day in business, we’ve had a commitment offering jobs to people facing barriers to success. These include issues with mental and physical health, as well as addictions and emotional issues.
Thanks to Feast, we now have several employees who are off social assistance, buying their first cars, and contributing to Winnipeg's economy. This is a great source of pride for us and we hope to continue empowering our staff.


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