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Type Eh Bikes Inc.

At Type Eh Bikes we are a sporting equipment rental company based in Winnipeg, MB. We are dedicated to enabling easy outdoor activities for year-round enjoyment.
If you are looking for a unique way to explore our wonderful city organize a kayak rental with us. You can paddle your way through the Red and Assiniboine Rivers! You tell us what you need, and we will take care of the delivery and set up of the equipment for your group.
During the summer months we primarily focus on kayak rentals, but we don't want to leave out our long Winnipeg winter season. We understand the need to get our gear on and enjoy the outdoors even in the coldest months. To make the most of our winters we shift to snowshoes and kick sleds!
We constantly explore new, easy-to-access activities in the area to provide unforgettable adventures for our customers.
Your next adventure starts with Type Eh Bikes.


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